Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Realignment Osteopathy, we would like you to feel that any questions or concerns you have – either before, during, or after treatment – are readily answered.

The following Frequently Asked Questions may also be helpful in providing the information you need to make you feel at ease.

What are your clinic opening hours?

The clinic is open Monday to Saturday. Appointment times vary according to the practitioner you choose to see.  However, the following guideline may be helpful:-

Maria Porter (Principal Osteopath)

Please call for available times

Louise Knight (Sports Masseur)
Friday 1.30pm — 5.00pm

How do I find the practice, and where can I park?

The practice is situated at The Pavilion at the Crowborough Tennis & Squash club on Church Rd TN6 1BN. As you drive into the car park, you will see a ‘reserved parking’ sign to your right. Just park and come in the green door opposite the parking space. The outer door will be open so you can just come in and take a seat.

What should I wear for the appointment?

After completing the case history, I will ask you to remove outer garments down to underwear, or shorts/leggings if you are more comfortable. This is because osteopaths work holistically, so it is important to examine the pelvis and spine in relation to the symptom area, for example, the knee, foot, shoulder, elbow etc. as the balance of the pelvis and spine can be the key to why your pain is occurring elsewhere.

What should I expect at the initial osteopathic consultation?

On arrival, you will be asked to complete a brief health screening questionnaire before being asked questions relating to your general health, medical history, and more specific questions relating to your presenting complaint. After the case history, the osteopath will ask you to perform various movements before being asked to sit or lie down for further tests.  These may include blood pressure or neurological tests if indicated by the case history, or purely orthopaedic and osteopathic assessment.

If there are no contra-indications, the session will end with treatment, followed by advice and exercises if required.

How do I know if the osteopath is registered?

All osteopaths at Realignment Osteopathy are fully state registered. For verification, please call the General Osteopathic Council on 020 7357 6655 or search for

What should I do after the treatment?
It is preferable to plan your treatment at a time when you can go home and relax, rather than place additional stress on your body, for example through physical work, impact sports etc. This is because osteopathic treatment addresses the body holistically and it needs time to respond to the techniques that have been carried out – a bit like the feelings you would experience after a workout! Some patients report feelings of tiredness, soreness or discomfort, and in some instances a temporary worsening of symptoms while the body adjusts to the treatment. In the majority of cases, ice or Biofreeze, anti-inflammatory medication (unless contra-indicated) and rest should help settle these symptoms.
Small Print

We trust that you will receive a warm, friendly and professional experience throughout your treatment and communications with all of us at the practice. However, in the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with your encounter, these are the steps you may consider taking.

As a patient at Realignment Osteopathy, you are entering into a patient/practitioner relationship with the therapist and not with Realignment Osteopathy which is only used for marketing purposes. In the first instance, please let your osteopath or therapist know either in person or via e-mail. We will undertake to treat it seriously, deal with it promptly and learn from it by reviewing or, if appropriate, improving standards. If you feel that the issue has not been resolved through communicating with us, then you are entitled to contact the General Osteopathic Council, Osteopathy House, 176 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 3LU (020 7357 6655).

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