What We Offer

In keeping with the rise in the age of retirement and the expectations we all have to ‘keep going’ –

be it at a favourite sport, hobby or physical work – we aim to help you to do just that … osteopaths

utilise a range of techniques including physical manipulation, stretching and massage, and other

gentle techniques such as cranial that are all taught at undergraduate level. We also provide a

package of care that can include one or more of the following: manual therapy, health information,

self-management advice and support and/or exercise therapy, as determined by the individual

needs of the patient.


Osteopathy is a gentle treatment suitable for babies, and for children at all stages of development.

Undergraduate training for osteopaths includes paediatrics. We are trained to screen for medical

conditions and we will advise you if you need to see your doctor or another health professional.

Osteopaths utilise a wide range of techniques which are appropriate for treatment of babies and

children, and may include cranial techniques which are subtle and gentle.


At Realignment Osteopath, we truly understand the desire to keep training or participating in a

favourite sport or activity. For this reason, we offer osteopathic treatment combined with sports

massage to help your body function in as optimum a way as possible both during and after

exercise. We can also tape a specific area to help prevent injury or support an existing injury using

SPORTTAPE kinesiology taping.

We can prescribe exercises tailor-made to your needs, and offer one-to-one sessions to ensure

you are performing the exercises correctly which lessens the risk of injury through poor technique.


Symptoms of soreness and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back may be related to the effects

of postural changes or repetitive actions, for example computer use, playing an instrument, driving,

sports etc. Osteopathy may help relieve the stresses and strains on your body … osteopaths work

under the principle that there may be a number of contributing factors to the symptoms, and will

therefore evaluate not only the area that is producing the symptoms but also associated areas that

may be contributing to the issue, including past trauma, environmental factors and family health



A woman’s body changes during pregnancy. Those changes include the softening of ligaments,

weight increase and changes to posture that can lead to additional pressure on joints in various

parts of the body, including the spine or pelvis. Osteopathy may help relieve the stresses and

strains on your body during pregnancy and after birth.


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